The Lights of Christmas 2017

Projected onto the 75m façade of St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney, 'The Lights of Christmas' is an annual light show extravaganza organised by AGB Events. I joined the AGB Events team to help design and animate the festive 2017 projections, which was split into two segments. The intro segment, 'Decorations', was a kaleidoscope of colours formed by art selected and deep-etched from the cathedral's stained glass windows. The hero segment, 'The Gift of Time', told the tale of a young character who encourages everyone to live in the present and appreciate your surroundings, your friends, and your family.

Studio: AGB Events

CEO: Anthony Bastic
Director: Giles Westley
Producer: Ruth Morton, Jasmin Rather
Design: Jason Chow, Giles Westley
Illustration: Anne Willman
Rigging: Matt Tillman
Animation: Jason Chow, Giles Westley, Matt Tillman, Martin Crouch

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