Jugu 'Infatuation'

Jugu's Animated Music Video

This animation was created for singer-producer Jugu's 'Infatuation' music video. Originally planned as an interactive video, the project was shelved due to technical issues. Nonetheless, it was a great pleasure and learning experience to collaborate with such a talented team.

Client: Jugu (jugumusic.com)

Music: 'Infatuation' by Jugu
Creative Direction: Jeff Mimery
Creative Direction / Project Lead & Developer: William Hwang (RandomBlowup)
Director: Susanto Widjaja (Paper Cranes)
Director of Photography: Ferry Lie (Paper Cranes)
Project Director: Sarah McCarthy
Producer: Hayley Gibney-Palmer
Character Design / Animation / Compositing / VFX / VFX Supervisor: Jason Chow
VFX Supervisor: Josh Lobo
Interior Designer: Pauline Chan
Makeup: Belinda Kruse
Stylist: Elizabeth Attard